Cynthia's Postcard Grab Bag 2nd Edition

Postcard Grab Bag 2nd Edition. Postcard Grab Bag 2nd Edition with BONUS! Contained within a letter-pressed 5" x 7" brown bag, and sewn shut to be an 'authentic' grab bag, there are 15 postcards that Cynthia has created, each bag as at least 9 different cards. These postcards can be any of the cards you have seen in any of her previous sets. Sewn on the back is ONE of the cards you will find inside. The bag is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 150. The Bonus with this set is that 30 of the 150 have an original signed Gelatin Silver photographic print. There is no way to tell you which cards are in each bag and if you are the lucky one who might get an original photograph. To buy this Grab Bag from Cynthia in the US, go to the online store. (If the online store is “empty” that means I am on a road trip and am not taking orders at the time. Sorry!)