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Cynthia Connolly

I’m a photographer and curator from Washington, DC. I grew up in a community of musicians where we booked our own shows, and manufactured our own records. In my art and curating, I am inspired by those who have the energy and drive to create on their own and who are focused yet selfless in their pursuits. I believe that nothing is too hard to do, and if you have a great idea, there is nothing that should stop you from making it a reality. I created by own exhibitions in abandoned buildings, cafes, museums, bars, and backyards. From, there, I started including other artists in my exhibitions. Today, I work for Arlington County, Virginia as a curator wearing the tool belt of an artist. I continue to explore the world using art to create dialogue and surprise in our everyday life.

Sales Info

I have a variety of original prints, framed and unframed, available for sale. Please contact me directly at the email address below for inquiries. If you are looking to buy postcards or books click on the links for more information.

Cynthia Connolly
PO Box 3358
Arlington, VA 22203