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Cones Along Highway 1
18 (deckle edged) Postcards of Cones Along Highway 1, Big Sur, California


18 (deckle edged) Postcards

18 (deckle edged) Postcards of Cones Along Highway 1, Big Sur, California

This postcard set of photographs was shot between 2015-2020 using the cherished 1963 Olympus Pen F ‘half-frame’ film camera. Lots of handy-work went into making this package of postcards! The die for cutting these glossy deckle edged cards and the wood, lead fonts and printing press used to create the letter-pressed handy reusable display packaging are all from the same era. You will find 2 each of 7 designs plus 4 bonus cards, so you can keep a set for yourself and send the other set to friends! Don’t forget that there are postcard stamps available at your post office or online.

The text on the back of the postcard reads:
On California’s scenic Highway 1 in the Big Sur region, safety cones are ubiquitous. The coastal roadway and adjoining trails are at the mercy of fires, torrential rains, mudslides, drought and shifting land. As a result, construction and maintenance work, from which vehicular and foot traffic must be diverted, is unending. But the view along the highway is so striking that these bright orange cones of warning cannot compete. We barely notice the cones except to avoid them.

The postcards in this series illustrate two types of the distinctive ten-pound cones made for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The cones were photographed along the 50 miles of Highway 1 between Rocky Creek Bridge and Gorda. Can you identify their locations?

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