Gallery & Art-spaces that have shown or sell my art:

Transformer Gallery, Washington, DC: www.transformergallery.org

96 Gillespie, London, England: www.96gillespie.com

Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA: www.space1026.com

Ellipse Art Center Blog: click here

Market East: www.marketeast.com

Needles & Pens: www.needles-pens.com

Domy Books (Austin): www.domystore.com/austin

Domy Books (Houston): www.domystore.com/houston

Friends Installation: See photos on Flicker here and here

Interviews & Reviews:

The Stranger Review, Seattle Washington, by Lois Maffeo

Young Waynesville Interview: Waynesville, NC

Other links of interest:

Cynthia is on Facebook

Alec Bourgeois is an artist who made this website for Cynthia: www.alecbourgeois.net

Ryan Nelson's Blog: ryansfatjournal.blogspot.com

Secret Bike Riding Club: click here

The Four Hour Art Show, San Francisco, CA: click here

Lely Constantinople: www.lelyconstantinople.com

Antonia Tricarico: www.antoniatricarico.com

Sharon Cheslow: www.sharoncheslow.com

CW Roelle: www.cwroelle.com

Dischord Records: www.dischord.com

Civilian Art Projects: www.civilianartprojects.com

Martin Sprouse: www.martinsprouse.com

Michelle Pullman: www.michellepullman.com

Thoughtbarn: www.thoughtbarn.com

Cynthia Connolly
PO Box 3358
Arlington, VA 22203